family Otididae

Syn: ↑Otididae
Hypernyms: ↑bird family
Member Holonyms: ↑Gruiformes, ↑order Gruiformes
Member Meronyms: ↑bustard, ↑Otis, ↑genus Otis, ↑Choriotis, ↑genus Choriotis

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  • bustard — /bus teuhrd/, n. any of several large, chiefly terrestrial and ground running birds of the family Otididae, of the Old World and Australia, related to the cranes. [1425 75; late ME, appar. b. MF bistarde (OIt bistarda) and MF oustarde, both < L… …   Universalium

  • gruiform — /grooh euh fawrm /, adj. Ornith. of or pertaining to birds of the order Gruiformes, including cranes, rails, and coots. [1895 1900; < NL gruiformis, sing. of Gruiformes, equiv. to Gru , s. of Grus a genus of the order (L grus CRANE) + iformes… …   Universalium

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